Thursday, June 20, 2013

TVB new series My Prime Lady

Yesterday Kate Tsui, Dayo Wong, Sharon Chan, Toby Leung and Grace Wong were filming at the mall for TVB new series My Prime Lady. They were filming during lunch hour and attracted a lot of young school girls surrounding the location to watch them film. Also, it is Kate's 34th birthday today (6/19th). Dayo, Sharon and Grace surprised her with a birthday cake and a birthday song. The birthday girl screamed in excitement. As Kate's partner in this series, of course Dayo gets to stand right next to her, but when asked to give her a birthday kiss, Dayo was unwilling to give in. Luckily that didn't affect the birthday girl's excited mood. She said: "I was so surprised. This is my first birthday cake this year. No wonder the crew told me to come early today, it turns out they were lying to me. I never thought this would happen. It feels so warm. (How are you going to spend your actual birthday?) I have to work. I already celebrated once with my family on Father's Day. This year I won't have any big celebrations, just have dinner with my friends! (Birthday wish?) Be healthy. I hope the series will be well-received! Because this is my first comedy series." Sharon Chan plays Kate's good sister in the series, she expressed she picked out a gift for the birthday girl. She laughed: "I purposely teamed up with the other cast, planning to surprise Kate." A few days ago when Sharon was shooting a scene where she gets suspending on wires, she ends up falling while coming back down and bumps her leg on the wooden ladder. She has a large bruise on her leg now. It seems like the cast from this series are getting injured one after another, is it necessary for them to hold another blessing ceremony? Sharon said: "That time, it was just because I wasn't careful! Also, its an accident. I don't even need to see the doctor!"

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