Friday, June 07, 2013

Victor Wong became a first-time father

Victor Wong became a first-time father after his wife gave birth to their son Jayden on May 31. Last Friday, his wife gave birth to a 3kg baby via cesarean section ahead of her estimated due date in June. Victor accompanied his wife in the delivery room and recorded the entire delivery process. The 41-year-old revealed that his wife requested for him to sing his song ‘Unopened Gift' while she was giving birth as the song signified that their child is the best gift that they can ever receive. Victor recalled that he was moved to tears when he heard Jayden's first cry. He added that he was so amazed when his son grabbed his finger tightly and immediately stopped crying when he carried him. The blissful father said, “I feel really thankful. I hope that Jayden will not let go of his dad's hands too early.” The singer also revealed that he would sing ‘Unopened Gift' whenever he feeds his son or coaxes him to sleep because his son enjoys his singing. The Malaysian singer married his longtime girlfriend Jennifer in January last year and announced his wife's pregnancy in December the same year.

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