Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Jordan Chen and Cherrie Ying new baby

Hong Kong celebrity couple Jordan Chen and Cherrie Ying blissfully welcomed the newest addition to their family yesterday. The good news was announced by the actress via her microblog this morning. She wrote: 'July 1, 2003. I still can't believe it. It's like a dream. Jasper, we love you so much.' In the post, Cherrie also uploaded a photo from a maternity shoot with her husband when she was eight months pregnant. As if she could sense that the baby was due for delivery soon, the first-time mother had reportedly told Jordan to 'come home quickly' on Sunday. The actor, who was in Tianjin for work, rushed back to Hong Kong after he learned that Cherrie's water bag broke. Although many flights were delayed due to the typhoon in Hong Kong, Jordan made it to the hospital in time to welcome his son. While speaking to the media afterward, the proud daddy sang praises of his newborn son, saying, 'He's a good boy!' In addition, the actor also posted two photos of a sprouting pea on his microblog, which symbolises his joy in welcoming the 'new life' in his family.

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