Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Latest mainland drama "The Patriot Yue Fei"

Hong Kong actor, Gallen Lo, known for his usual roles as a gallant sincere man in his TVB projects, revealed that he loves portraying a different side of him through the perfidious court official, Qin Hui, his character in his latest mainland drama, "The Patriot Yue Fei". As reported on 21CN, while speaking to the media regarding his role, Gallen expressed, "It was a pressure and a challenge to play Qin Hui, who is not a typical bad guy. Beneath his shrewd exterior, I also have to show the respectable aspect of the man." Gallen expressed his amazement for the complexity of Qin Hui's character and strived to show the gradual transformation of the nobleman into a sinister official, although initial understanding of the character through his basic reading only revealed the court official as a traitor. "Qin Hui liked poetry and literature, and an accomplished calligrapher. However, sadly, his achievement in the arts was overshadowed by his crime of treachery and his betrayal to Yue Fei." Asked if he is afraid that he will be criticised for the role, Gallen expressed, "I was torn about it too! If the drama airs and no one hates Qin Hui, it means that I have failed. But viewers are different now. They know the difference between an evil character and the actor who plays it!" "Patriot Yue Fei" is slated to begin airing on 4 July, and also stars Huang Xiaoming as the titular character.

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