Monday, July 15, 2013

New Drama The Virtuous Queen of Han

Hengdian's new historical costume drama The Virtuous Queen of Han (VQH) is HK golden producers Lau Kar Ho and his wife Miu Siu Ching's first joint collaboration with Mainland since they joined NowTV. The press conference was held on July 12th, the cast including Raymond Lam, May Wang Luo Dan, Niki Chow and Jeremy Xu attended. There was an enormous crowning ceremony live at the event. The "Emperor" Raymond Lam awarded his "Empress" May Wang the "Best Wife" title. During the interview, May complained its difficult to tolerate filming a costume drama in the hot weather and joked, asking the "Emperor" (Raymond) to quickly throw her in the "cold" harem. May expressed she's thankful Raymond gave everyone on the crew a small fan to stay cool and the air produced by the fan is quite powerful as well. Raymond laughed several of his "Consorts" wanted to be thrown in the "cold" harem long ago. In the past years, palace dramas have been a favorite among the audience, but the majority of them are about oppression. VQH changes this mentality, the theme and content give off more positive energy. The drama is about a song girl, Wei Zifu (May Wang), relying on her own wisdom and determination to establish the "Harmonious Harem". Emperor Wu (Raymond Lam) meets Wei while visiting his elder sister Princess Pingyang (Niki Chow) and the two end up spending 48 years together. Wei's experience did not only change her own destiny, but her younger brother General Wei Qing and her nephew were also known military heros in the history of Han. HK golden producer Lau Kar Ho is the producer and director of this drama, while his wife is the co-producer and scriptwriter. The couple have previously produced several popular TVB series in HK respectively including Where the Legend Begins, Beyond the Realm of Conscience, Can't Buy Me Love, Heart of Greed and Mysteries of Love. VQH is a joint collaboration between HK's NowTV and Mainland's HuaCe Media.

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