Monday, July 15, 2013

Sanitary pad brand event

Yesterday Myolie Wu and Him Law attended a sanitary pad brand, Whispers, promotional event. Him was not embarrassed at all promoting feminine hygiene products and even gave Myolie a massage on the forehead. On the contrary, Myolie appeared embarrassed and kept shouting she felt scared. She then teased good friend Tavia Yeung and Him, implying they are a couple. Because Myolie and Tavia both have a "Yi" in their Chinese name, Myolie joked: "I'm a 'Yi' too, but I'm not the same as the other 'Yi'. Although Tavia won't be jealous, I have thought of calling her to tell her. Just now when Him gave me a massage, I never thought I would feel embarrassed, perhaps because [Tavia's] a good friend of mines, so I feel even more awkward." She greatly praised Him understands women which is very sweet. Ask Him to introduce guys to her? Myolie said: "Just meeting new friends. If the guy is as fit as Him, then I would think being with him will give me the motivation to work out to look more fit and thin." Him expressed he understands women go through a difficult time during their menstrual cycle, so men should exercise more care and patience. Asked if he takes care of Tavia? He said: "Men should be a gentlemen to women. She works long-term, she works hard for 365 days, but I never seen her irritated." Myolie indirectly said Him and Tavia are a couple? Him had a big reaction: "Even talk about these things? I have nothing to admit or deny about." Him said massages are good for couples to enhance the relationship, but he has never given Tavia a massage before. "Massages are usually given before bed time, I have never seen her before I go to sleep." The event organizers gave Him a box of sanitary pads as a gift, but he refused to say he was going to give some to Tavia. He expressed he plans to give them to his family and his Tiger Cubs II co-star Mandy Wong.

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