Thursday, July 04, 2013


Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) 6 years later returns to the director's chair and made the film THE ROOF TOP. Earlier a premiere was held in Beijing. He along with Xu Fan, Li Xinai and other actors attended. The film will open on July 11. Chairman Chou's expression of love in the film is very romantic, but he said that in real life he was not romantic. Very rarely he would say to someone I love you, even for his mother he would only express his love through a song. Chairman Chou hoped that Chinese musicals would be able to cross borders. He felt that it rivaled Hollywood's. The film has already been selected to be the 12th New York Asian Film festival closing film. Aside from Southeast Asia release, it will land in North America on July 19. Chow Kit Lun said, "The scale has to be large. It's not just made for the Asian market. When foreigners watch it they will feel it's amazing too!" As for box office expectations, Chairman Chou did not answer. Fans however boldly said 2 billion.

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