Thursday, July 04, 2013

TVB new series My Prime Lady

Recently, Dayo Wong has kissed almost all the girls in TVB new series My Prime Lady; all the kiss scenes were completed in a week. Following the force kiss scene between him and "Shrimp Head" Harriet Yeung, yesterday Dayo got to force kiss Sharon Chan and a kiss with Kate Tsui. Asked which kiss scene was most memorable to him? Dayo said: "Of course the one with Dodo Cheng! We filmed 100 episodes of War of Genders before getting a kiss scene, then we did a stage play and had 50 kisses." Asked if he has any more kiss scenes in this series? Dayo said: "Yes, I'll be kissing Benz Hui's cheek!" Earlier Dayo had a scene where he force kissed Sharon, the two did not enjoy it. Dayo said: "Very violent, terrifying and if I had known, I wouldn't do the scene! As for my force kiss scene with Shrimp Head, she kissed me so much, she sucked my lungs out. I deeply felt like I was getting raped, that fearful feeling." He laughed and said he doesn't feel blessed kissing several girls, rather it is actually the girls that are blessed. Asked who he wants to kiss next? Dayo said: "I haven't kissed a man yet. I would choose Aarif Lee. When he won the newcomer award for Echoes of the Rainbow, he was sitting behind me. There are very few male artists in HK with temperament." In another scene, it was about Jazz and Toby Leung's wedding; unfortunately, they suddenly got into a fight because of a $500 wedding gift and called off the wedding. Kate and Sharon were the bridesmaids who tried to stop the fight. The ladies expressed this awkward scene probably won't happen in reality because they don't plan to have a wedding banquet when they actually do get married. They just feel its too much trouble. It was rumored Dayo scolded Kate to tears while they were filming? Kate explained: "No such thing. That scene was about me crying. We enjoy working with each other. Dayo is more anxious in public, but in private he is actually very harmonious and friendly." About the wedding scene, Dayo suddenly brought up Jazz Lam and even started getting emotional. At one point, he teared up and began breathing hard. He had to stop the interview to calm down and then continued: "I almost cried when filming this scene. I always want to cry when I see Jazz. He is like a little brother to me, when I see him troubled and worried, I feel heartbroken too!" But when asked why that was the case, Dayo could not explain.

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