Thursday, July 11, 2013

News : Actor Sammul Chan

Actor Sammul Chan is happy working as an actor in mainland China, and revealed that it was having the freedom of choice that made him stay. As reported on HK Channel, the actor, who left TVB in 2011 after shooting "Relic Of An Emissary", revealed that the fact that mainland dramas paid more than TVB is secondary to the respect they gave him. Likening TVB to an institution, Sammul stated, "I did not have the power to make my own decisions there. But in mainland, I have the right to take whatever project I want and turn down the ones I don't like. For example, if I feel like shooting a costume drama in the summer is a nuisance, I can choose not to take on the project." He continued, "In mainland, actors can appear in any television stations they want. They only have to sign a per-series contract with the broadcaster. So there is more freedom in choosing." The actor also enthused that the cast and crew in mainland China are treated better and are better insured. The bigger pay is also an added bonus, and the actor admitted that the pay is good enough that he need not work multiple jobs to pay his bills.

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