Thursday, July 11, 2013

New movie Tales From The Dark Part 1

Actor Simon Yam revealed that his desire to give his all for his directorial feature film debut, "Tales From The Dark", has given him insomnia. As reported on World Journal, at the promotional event for the movie, Simon stated, "I never watched a supernatural film, so I relied on my own imagination to make my own. Due to being too focused on the movie, I developed insomnia and paranoia. I wasn't able to get a good night's sleep." However, the actor added that as soon as he saw his daughter, all the negative emotions would vanish and he feels normal again. When asked if he enjoyed directing, Simon, who also wrote and starred in the film, laughed and enthused, "After completing the movie and watching it, yes, I enjoyed it. But the 40 days of shooting was not fun at all. I was restless and scared. Now I understand what the saying, "suspicion breeds ghosts" means. The more you think there are ghosts, the more you feel them. Horror actually comes from people's conscience." "Tales From The Dark Part 1" will be shown in cinemas beginning 11 July, while the second part will be released on 8 August.

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