Friday, July 12, 2013

News : "Karma Rider"

It was revealed that TVB has scheduled the release of their upcoming costume drama, "Karma Rider" (previously known as "Master, Understood"), after the conclusion of rom-com, "Awfully Lawful", HK Chanel reported. "Karma Rider" tells a story of Heung Yat Jeen, who was saved by a man when he was young and decided to become the world's greatest detective. When he successfully solves a case on his first day of work, his jealous superior sends him on a dangerous mission to capture the mass murderer, Yi Teen Bong (played by Evergreen Mak). His quest introduces him to Foon Hei (Priscilla Wong) who has to save him time and time again as well as a skilful female detective (played by Whitney Hui). Raymond Wong plays the lead role, Heung Yat Jeen, in his first ever drama where he needed to fully shave his head, while Priscilla Wong revealed that this is her second time playing the lead actress, and her first to collaborate with new star, Whitney Hui. The drama also stars Cilla Kung, Yoyo Chen, Matt Yeung and Kaki Leung, and will broadcast on 15 July.

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