Friday, July 12, 2013

News : "SDU: Sex Duties Unit".

Actor Shawn Yue is furious that his failed relationship was turned into a publicity stunt for his upcoming film, "SDU: Sex Duties Unit". According to Yes Entertainment, a tabloid magazine recently alleged that the actor's girlfriend, Kary Ng, broke up with him after he was said to be having an affair with his "SDU" co-star, mainland actress Liu Anqi. The tabloid claimed that the two of them have been sending raunchy text messages to each other, which were seen by Kary, who then decided to end their relationship. When Shawn heard about the rumours, he expressed his frustrations on his Weibo. "There are many ways to promote something, why do you have to use this issue? Would hurting an artiste truly make the film a big hit?" Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Kary was also supportive of the actor, and wrote on her Facebook, "I have been reading so many speculations in the tabloid recently. Not only did they twist the facts, but they also hurt us at the same time. I will say this again; he and I understood each other and had a mutual breakup. Other reports are false." She added, "I hope no one would fabricate news to hurt others ever again and no one should read gossip magazines anymore. This society needs more positive voices!"

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