Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News : Kelly Chen and Jimmy

Back from his wedding shoot at Maldives, the 38-year-old star revealed to reporters his plans to expand his family. The doting father and husband, loves children and wishes to have a daughter to accompany his four-year-old son, Kimi. During the interview, Jimmy Lin expressed joy whenever he spoke of Kimi. He said, 'I used to not think so much when racing, but I've changed in recent times because of him. Now, I think twice and plan carefully before doing anything dangerous.' When asked about his wedding preparations with model wife, Kelly Chen, Jimmy told the press that they had taken over 3000 photos at Maldives and are now in the midst of selecting the best shots. Despite Jimmy's willingness to discuss about his wedding preparations, he remained reserved when asked on the actual wedding date and time, saying that he would only announce it on the day itself. The soon-to-be groom also added that he has postponed the wedding due to his father's passing, three years ago. Jimmy and Kelly, who is believed to have dated since 2007, announced their marriage after the model gave birth to Kimi in 2009 but never had an official wedding ceremony.

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