Thursday, July 11, 2013

News : Sex Duties Unit

Rumour has it that the Hong Kong singer-actor, Shawn Yue, was involved in a shady relationship with a co-star, Liu Anqi, in his new movie, Sex Duties Unit which resulted in his break-up with Kary Ng. Although the both of them have repeatedly clarified that there was no third party involved and it was a peaceful break-up, the reason behind their split is still a hotly debated topic. According to an insider, Shawn texted a lot of girls while in a relationship with Kary. An unknown source shared that the 31-year-old actor had the habit of changing the names of the women he texted so as to not get caught. During their one-year long relationship, the 27-year-old singer reportedly did not have the habit to check on her then-boyfriend. Kary only became suspicious of Shawn and peeked at his messages when she subsequently received tip-offs about his chummy relationship with co-star, Anqi. The last straw that led to their split was when the singer decided to seek a proper explanation from Shawn, one week before her birthday. In response to that, Shawn reprimanded her and left Kary to celebrate her birthday alone. During an interview, Kary's bossom buddy added, 'She just wanted an explanation from Shawn. But instead of answering, he scolded her for looking at his phone. After which, he refused to pick up calls and reply messages from Kary.' The ex-couple made an official statement last week announcing their break-up.

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