Tuesday, July 16, 2013

News : Triumph in the Skies II

TVB grand production Triumph in the Skies II is premiering Monday night, the cast including Francis Ng, Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Him Law, Nancy Wu and Elena Kong attended its second promotional event yesterday. Chilam Cheung and Fala Chen were absent. TVB set the location up like its a runway at the airport. There were small lamps on each side to accompany each pair coming out. Ron Ng did not appear with rumored girlfriend Kelly Fu, instead he came out with Myolie Wu; Kenneth Ma and Elena Kong were a pair; Him Law and Nancy Wu were a pair; "Sam Gor" Francis came out with his chok look, but accidentally kicked one of the lamps as he was walking out. During the large group picture, the busy Francis picked up two phone calls. Regarding Francis' accidentally knocking down a lamp and caught on the phone while taking pictures, he laughed: "The beautiful girls are too attractive, so I had my eyes on them." He expressed his co-stars are very busy and have not been able to set up a time to watch TITS2 premiere together. "This is my last promotional event, I'm going to Mainland after to promote for my other film. If the ratings are good, I'll come back again. (Will you be watching with your son?) I only have two scenes in the first episode, usually when my son sees me on the papers, he would shout it out." Francis disclosed his 4 year old son loved watching Awfully Lawful, but is he worried his son might see him kissing other female artists in the series? He laughed: "Good that he sees it. Take the opportunity to teach him some stuff. Initially I only had two kiss scenes with Myolie and Fala, but when we got to the last few episodes, they added a few more." Myolie expressed she's going to Mainland to work on a new drama with Guo Yuanyuan's ex-boyfriend Yu Xiaowei, asked if Myolie is worried about rumors? She said: "Didn't think about that. (Do you mind a relationship with someone from a different place?) Not much criteria, work is my priority, but it should be ok." Netizens are not accepting Kenneth Ma and Elena Kong's pairing in the series, Kenneth frankly expressed its a good thing that people are discussing and he hopes the ratings will surpass 30 points.

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