Tuesday, July 16, 2013

News : 'Din-Dong Summer House" event

Yesterday Sharon Chan attended 'Din-Dong Summer House" promotional event. She expressed she had just finished filming My Prime Lady and had many kiss scenes with Louis Yuen. She joked Louis probably bribed the producer to give him so many kiss scenes. She broke her own record of the most kisses in a series, she had to kiss Louis 5-6 times. Luckily Louis has thick and soft lips and he takes good care of his partner, so it was worthwhile. IT was rumored Sharon and Kate Tsui were fighting for more screen time? She expressed: "There will always be bad-term rumors in any series. Kate and I collaborated well. The most important is there are no misunderstandings between the two parties involved." Sharon is not starting on her next series until late August, so she will have a month of summer vacation. Aside from promotional events, she will take some time off to go on vacation with her boyfriend. In the next series, Sharon is collaborating with Michael Miu, whom she had not worked with in a long while. She said Michael is too handsome, the first time they collaborated she almost fainted and it is unknown whether she will have any kiss scenes with him.

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