Tuesday, July 02, 2013

News : TVB series Awfully Lawful

Yesterday Selena Li, Johnson Lee, Pal Sinn, Roger Kwok, Raymond Cho and Sharon Chan attended the promotional event for TVB series Awfully Lawful held in Tseung Kwan O. During the games, the cast were split into teams to walk through an obstacle while biting onto a food item. Selena and Johnson were partners sharing a piece of bread as they get through the obstacle together, but the naughty Raymond Cho teared the piece of bread in half and because Selena feared she and Johnson might end up lip-to-lip, she refused to let go of the bread. Raymond and Ceci So were more generous, they bit the strawberry lip-to- lip. Then when Selena fed Johnson cream puffs, some cream got on Johnson's shirt, he cracked a tasty joke: "Why do I have a white mucus all over me?" In the series, Bella Lam mentioned she wants to go to Korea and look like one of the girl groups, implying she wants to get plastic surgery. It was said the scene had implications. Bella said: "Didn't say anything about them, just meant wanted to plastic surgery to look as pretty as them." In regards to all the complaints on the series? Roger said: "I don't mind. Having people scolding is better than nobody watching." As for Moses and Aimee Chan are planning to hold a wedding banquet, Aimee's good friend Selena was unwilling to disclose the details. However, she did reveal even if she has to work on that day, she will take the day off to attend their wedding.

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