Wednesday, July 03, 2013

New Cantonese album "Blooming"

Charlene Choi raises eyebrows with her kinky-yet-meaningful new video for one of her latest songs, "To be kind to women" that's featured in her new Cantonese album, "Blooming". As reported on Xianhua website, the music video, directed by Heiward Mark, features Charlene in a black lace dress, with a rope tied around her neck and wrists, being pulled by the male lead (played by Anjo) wearing a full black cloak a la the Grim Reaper. The imagery may have an S&M feel to it, but as Mak puts it, it shows the good and bad times of a woman who is willing to suffer and be a slave for her lover, hoping that one day he will reciprocate with love, protection and respect. The video then turns on a lighter note with Charlene undergoing a transformation into a princess, denoting that the bad times is over and that she finally gets what she deserves. The video would be one of the four music videos that will be representing the album, including "Mist", "Mistaken" and "Intelligent Fool". Charlene revealed that it was an easier feat to film four music videos, since she has a record of filming over 10 music videos a day with her Cantopop group, Twins. Asked whether the experience of being tied with a rope around her neck and wrist for her video was uncomfortable, Charlene replied cheerfully, "It was okay! It was more inconvenient though, because I had to stay tied up for quite a long time."

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