Tuesday, July 09, 2013

News : TVB series A Change of Heart

Yesterday Bosco Wong, Joey Meng, Mandy Wong, Vincent Wong and Benjamin Yuen attended the final promotional event for TVB series A Change of Heart. It was also Vincent's 30th birthday, the crew gave him a birthday cake to celebrate with him. During the games, Mandy got on Vincent's back for a game of tug-a-war, while Benjamin had Joey on his back. The tall and pale Vincent had trouble carrying Mandy and ended up dripping with sweat. Bosco pointed and laughed at a "ball mark" that Mandy left on Vincent's back, but it turns out the mark came from her necklace. Benjamin ends the game with Joey on the floor. Vincent later expressed Mandy is actually quite fit, he said: "Its because I've been filming overnight lately, so I'm not as strong and keep sweating. (What's your birthday wish?) I wish my wife doesn't have to work anymore and can stay home happily to raise our daughter. (Have more babies?) So pressured! (Raising one or two kids is about the same.) Let me work harder first. I've been working too much lately, kind of weak and can't really do it." In the series, Benjamin and Joey had several passionate kiss scenes. Joey expressed that is her limit. She and her husband watched the scenes together: "So embarrassing. Before filming, I asked do we have to do this? I said to my husband the outcome of me filming these scenes aren't very good, I can't do too much of these scenes. He immediately agreed." She expressed bed scenes are harder than crying scenes, this time her villain role is too heavy and since she already tried it, the next time she wants to shoot happier series. Bosco expressed he'll be starting a new series with Michael Miu in September, but in the meantime he is preparing to open up a restaurant, "I'm looking for a place in Kowloon. (How much are you investing?) At least 7 figures. I'm partnering with 2 or 3 of my friends." He also expressed because he has many friends, he plans to make VIP rooms at his restaurant. Asked if he's paving a path to retire from the television industry? He laughed: "I have to take the normal protective measures." Niki Chow is currently filming in Hengdian and Michael Miu is on vacation with his wife, therefore they were both absent from the promotion. However, Niki communicated with the cast via a long distance phone call. Bosco scolded: "You didn't come, no loyality!" Earlier Niki and Bosco promised to wear swimsuits if A Change of Heart gets high ratings. Yesterday Bosco told Niki he already bought a bikini for her to wear. Niki replied: "I'll be back for the finale, I want to see you in swim briefs too!"

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