Monday, July 15, 2013

News : TVB series A Change of Heart's

Yesterday TVB series A Change of Heart's cast Joey Meng, Bosco Wong, Vincent Wong, Elaine Yiu and Mandy Wong met up for dinner and watched the finale together. Producer Nelson Cheung vowed to make the cast throw a swimsuit party to celebrate if the ratings reaches 35 points. Joey laughed and said she has never celebrated in a bikini and really wants to give it a try. Bosco discovered Vincent came prepared wearing a swim brief underneath his pants. With Joey standing in front of them, Bosco immediately pulls Vincent's shirt open and pulls his pants down, making him reveal his nipples and swim brief. Joey burst into laughter awkwardly and turned away. Bosco expressed that night was just for the cast to watch the finale together. When Michael Miu comes back from his vacation, they will have their celebration and hopes TVB chairman Norman Leung will treat them the meal. Asked if they'll have a beach party? Bosco said: "We should just have one party and everyone wears the swimsuits, but still have to check the location and sponsors." It was rumored Joey was bullied while shooting for TVB series Gilded Chopsticks in Mainland earlier. First, her co-star Ben Wong changed the script on the spot, the crew didn't prepare a lunchbox for her and when she got back to HK, she cried to her husband. Joey responded to the rumor: "We're having a good time tonight. I will tell you everything when Gilded Chopticks airs!" Joey denied TVB is treating her harshly: "I've filmed 3 series with TVB. I had a great time in all of them and collaborated with the other artists pleasantly. I tear up every time I see my husband at the airport, it's just you all didn't see me. My husband ordered that I cannot be like that again. He wants me to come out smiling to him. Then I told him next time he needs to bring me flowers when picking me up at the airport." Currently on vacation, Michael was absent from the dinner gathering, but posted a family photo of them having a blast in a pool. He wrote: "Sorry I wasn't able to enjoy the finale with you all. Seeing such great results, it doesn't matter how many [rating] points we get!" Elaine's good friend Katy Kung got into a car accident the other night. It was later discovered her car is registered under ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang's name. Elaine said: "As far as I know, Katy is responsible for the driving expenses. Patrick Tang just helped her with the car registration process. As for the details, you need to ask her." It was said Patrick is pursuing Katy again. Elaine said: "Actually no, they have a very peaceful relationship. They are still friends after the break up." Katy expressed on the day of her accident, it is rather difficult for a 20 year old to buy a car, so she had Patrick help her at the time.

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