Monday, July 15, 2013

TVB new series Karma Rider

Yesterday Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, Evergreen Mak and the rest of the cast of TVB new series Karma Rider attended the promotional event. The series is premiering on the same day as grand production Triumph in the Skies II, but Raymond still had confidence in the ratings. He stressed the genre of the two series are different. Just as long as they can successfully attract the audience to "fall for" the series during the premiere week, then its a success! Raymond said: "Otherwise the premiere week might be lower, after all the cast is weighted differently. Karma Rider is a little breakthrough, the positive story is told using a gray tone, but audience will have to have some patience. It won't be difficult to understand though." Raymond described the series as a good faith production. He and Priscilla had already done their promotions and the other cast are helping online. Priscilla does not dare to have expectations on Karma Rider's ratings, but she did stressed she is not afraid of TITS2 and it is actually a benefit that the series is airing with TITS2. This is Priscilla's first leading role, the majority of her scenes revolve around her relationship and her crying scenes. She said "I felt just as nervous as first time producer Chan Yiu Chuen. Many producers want to use TV ratings to safeguard artists, but Chan Yiu Chuen took up the courage to cast me in his series. I was very scared and hope it didn't impact anything. I hope the audience will notice me while they watch the other artists."

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