Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News : Voice of Stars

TVB's new celebrity singing contest Voice of Stars premiered last night. Oscar Leung, Mandy Wong, Carat Cheung, Benjamin Yuen, Ronald Law, Stanley Cheung and Fred Cheng appeared on the first episode. Eric Moo, Eric Kwok, Sally Yeh and Dominic Chow were the four "star-level" judges. On the day of the show's recording, Oscar performed Danny Chan's Wait and was heavily criticized by the judges for his poor performance. Eric Moo made the harshest comment -- Oscar got the rhythm confused in his singing and that he basically ruined Danny Chan's famous song. Also, Oscar thought he was familiar with the lyrics, but he in fact he didn't understand the lyrics, therefore he was just singing "blindly". As for Mandy, she performed Love Is the Most Powerful but was completely off-tune and off-key. Eric Moo criticized her voice was dry and narrow. Mandy wanted to push the blame on it being her first time performing this song, but the judges criticized her even more and said she didn't come prepared for the competition. However, on the actual broadcast of Voice of Stars last night, TVB carefully edited the recorded version and wiped out all of the criticisms the judges made on Oscar and Mandy. TVB practically changed the criticisms into compliments; the company sure loves their "children" to death. In the premiere last night, TVB edited out all of the negative comments that Eric Moo made on Mandy and only left one comment, "you don't really understand your voice, actually you have a female's medium voice and this is your most attractive area." Even the audience was able to hear Mandy singing off-key, but none of that was mentioned. Mandy accepted a telephone interview and responded to TVB editing out the criticisms. She said: "Maybe because they had to shorten the recorded version to an hour long and TVB wanted a positive outcome, so the show highlighted on our hard work in rehearsing the songs." Oscar accepted a telephone interview as well, he expressed: "Of course its better to broadcast the unedited version. I am willing to accept criticisms. I know I didn't perform too well, but I tried my best. Well, they didn't just cut my part, everybody got some cuts. I am not sure how TVB does their editing." Eric Moo expressed: "I did what a judge should do. The editing authority belongs to the TV station, I will respect that."

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