Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News : Voice of Stars

Fred Cheng finally rises to popularity after his excellent singing performance on Voice of Stars. The story of Fred's ten years of hard work in the entertainment industry has caught a lot of attention from Netizens. Fred participated in the TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in 2001 and won three awards at the age of 17. He later became a TVB actor and after many years in the company, he only got minor roles -- frequently portraying a student or the main character's younger brother. He has participated in over 40 series over the years, but hadn't really gained any fame. On Voice of Stars, Fred frankly expressed after this show, he hopes people will be able to recognize him and know he is "Fred Cheng". Aside from the positive feedback from the judges, Fred also gained support from Netizens. A new Facebook page "Fred Cheng I Recognize You" was created for him. Yesterday Fred accepted [Mingpao] interview and expressed when he watched the episode last night, he was still feeling nervous and emotional. He palms were sweating and tears formed in his eyes. Fred expressed the response from the show was much better than he expected. Online, he saw a lot of encouraging and supportive comments and discovered his new Facebook page that fans created for him. He laughed, usually when he goes out, the neighbors can't say his name, they just thought he looked familiar and saw him somewhere on TV. Yesterday when he was at Tsim Sha Tsui, he had a different feeling, many people greeted him and called him "Fred Cheng". People on the street told him to "add oil", allowing Fred to feel how enthusiastic Hong Kong people can be. This was the first time he had this feeling in 10 years. Fred is not sure whether Voice of Stars will bring him more job opportunities, but he knows he must enjoy this moment because he will never know when he will get eliminated on the show. He will just have to try his best on every performance. Fred feels calm now and constantly reminds himself to not go too over. The next round is based on the theme of classic songs, Fred chose Alan Tam's The Origin of Love and has been practicing on it in the past few days. It has been widely rumored Voice of Stars had an internal list of contestants. Fred's manager expressed the rumor is unfair to Fred. He is very passionate about music and participated in this competition because he wanted a second chance. Fred's manager hopes the public won't think too much and make things so complicated.

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