Saturday, July 12, 2014

Android and iOS - Prototyping - Part 2

Trends in mobile UI design and typography

Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in user interface design. You can see from these examples that the UI world is heading towards minimalism and simplicity, especially in mobile app design. The overburdened designs of the past have given way to a fresh new era of pure-purpose.

How offering fewer choices frees the user: Why less is more.

Good design is more about what you leave out than what you put in. Make sure you have refined your idea to its purest point. Take a leaf out of leading designer Jonathan Ive’s book. He has said, “Most of our competitors are interested in doing something different, or they want to appear new - I think those are completely the wrong goals. A product has to be genuinely better. This requires real discipline, and that’s what drives us - a sincere, genuine appetite to do something that is better. Committees just don’t work, and it’s not about price, schedule or a bizarre marketing goal to appear different - they are corporate goals with
scant regard for people who use the product.” This is key to great design. The more choices you offer a user, the less they tend to enjoy your product. This is because every choice left to the user is an unfinished design decision that you did not have the confidence or authority to make for them. Computers are fast becoming appliances, and this is no bad thing. Mobile devices with touchscreens are set to reach people in a way traditional computers never could - these are the people need you to design for, make good choices for them. Be brave and be bold.

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