Saturday, July 05, 2014

Website Social Integration - Part 3

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Like Facebook, Twitter also has an API that allows its members to use their Twitter credentials to log on to websites in order to participate socially. Just as the example in above, some sites like to share their Twitter feed directly on their website.

Others, like the example in above, may choose to aggregate the Twitter feeds of several companies or individuals who are trendsetters or carry influence in their industry.

There are a number of basic functions Twitter opens up to website owners, such as:

• Adding the Tweet button.
This button allows users to include a link to your web page in a tweet right from your site. Upon clicking this button, the user is asked to login with their Twitter credentials. A small window appears where users can compose and send their tweet.

• Adding a Follow button.
This button allows users to follow your company’s tweets.

More information on configuring your Follow button can be found on the Twitter site (

These along with the more complex Twitter features, such as embedding real-time Tweets and allowing users to sign in to your site with their Twitter credentials, can be found on Twitter’s developer section (

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