Friday, November 24, 2006

AGEIA Allows Use Of PhysX In PC Games Royalty Free @ GamersReport

In a move that truly shows just how much AGEIA values the quality of PC games, the company has come up with a way for developers to use the PhysX engine in their games totally free. This new deal will allow for the PhysX engine to be included in any games without any royaly fees, which means better games and better physics for all. Great news!

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – November 22, 2006 – AGEIA™ Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, today announced that it has implemented a new End User License Agreement (EULA) that allows the PhysX™ SDK to be used and its runtime components distributed in all commercial and non-commercial PC projects – completely royalty free. The new EULA allows game developers of any size to harness the power of the physics in their titles with a simple, no-fee license.

“Now every game developer can implement the leading physics solution in their products easily and free-of-charge,” said Manju Hedge, Co-Founder and CEO of AGEIA Technologies. “Content is the name of the game and the real test of any technology is what people do with it. We've been amazed by some of the implementations we’ve seen in the past few months that are accelerated by the PhysX processor and are excited about bringing innumerable new projects to life. We’ve shown just the tip of the iceberg on the potential of PhysX, and are more than willing to offer PhysX software binaries for free to further accelerate PhysX’s growth as the defacto standard physics solution.”

"As the new key tool for dynamic and interactive realism, in-game physics is going to play a larger role in the development of video games in the coming months and years," said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research, the multimedia marketing research firm. "Making it possible for developers to use PhysX, without any fees, is going to lead to a raft of new games and implementations beyond gaming that many of us haven't even yet thought of."

“With PhysX already integrated into our Dark Physics toolkit, our customers have experienced the power and ease of use that AGEIA’s technology brings to game development,” said Lee Bamber CEO of The Game Creators. “By allowing all developers to freely use its powerful PhysX software with the simple inclusion of a short EULA in the installer, AGEIA has opened up the ability to slide new levels of realism and interactivity into future titles to the entire gaming community. “

AGEIA PhysX puts the power of physics in the hands of developers, dramatically enhancing and accelerating the development of cutting edge games and complex physics-based environments by enabling real-world, real-time dynamic motion and interaction on a massive and persistent scale. PhysX software easily integrates into existing production pipelines, reducing the overall time it takes to create immersive game-play experiences.

The PhysX processor further accelerates high quality and truly representative simulations, and brings new dimensions to the gaming experience, including collisions, explosions, complex jointed geometries, fabrics that drape and tare, dense smoke and liquids, multiple objects and particles, as well as other physical events.

PhysX software supports wide variety of PC and console platforms and is poised to become the de-facto standard for physics simulation for the game industry. For more info on AGEIA TECHNOLOGIES please visit, and for information about PhysX SDK and new licensing terms please visit

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