Sunday, November 05, 2006

Auto Assault - Tower Preview @ AA WarCry

Auto Assault WarCry takes a closer look at The Tower, one of the new instances to be added to NetDevil's Auto Assault with the release of Update 3.

Speaking frankly, The Tower will be no walk in the park. Players will need to organize a high-level convoy to take him on. He's that tough. First, players will need to get a particular access card to get into the new map, then blast their way through a particular assortment of Justice vehicles, such as Zealots, Viles, plus all sorts of gunships and Extremists. Battling past them, players will next have to fight Tower's right-hand, known simply as The Hanged Man. Just taking on this particular "mini-boss" may batter players senseless. Then there is The Tower himself.


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