Wednesday, May 30, 2007

HOU hope round-winning dream

HOU in the Mainland, many fans (information Photo)

Entertainment radio program yesterday, the moderator whose telephone interview. HOU live in the original Guangzhou, he said that the recent publicity the official record, will travel to the United States next month to perform "dream Ziyuan" concert, after learning to fly Hong Kong to start shooting two movies, which will play a role in the squad.

Connecting two films, smile HOU-winning intentionally for his position? He is not afraid to do-winning was his dream, I hope in future to have a good director, to get a good script, and if he can make good use of the case, is expected to be done-winning! Asked him to cooperate in the most star who? HOU candor would like to congratulate the most, because the other side has performed temperament. HOU continued ever thought of a daughter with Tim? He said that now even going so busy no time, no time were recycled.

Continues to choirs and Ronald Cheng

In addition, the Miners (Karen) accepts whose visit. She said the recent preparations for the busy Mandarin Xinshe, and shot a film with Anthony Wong, Ronald Cheng and Maoshunjun cooperation She plays 17-year-old play by the age of 40. She said with a smile very strange every few years, they will have to play a student sister, so this is not the first time the students play a role. Ronald Cheng cooperation with the movies tried Karen candor also like to work with Ronald Cheng choral opportunity I believe very fresh and new.

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