Sunday, June 10, 2007

As is still the only ring

Photo : "runny Storm" in both the front and behind the equally important

Wireless recently completed broadcast of "runny turmoil", the ice hockey, regardless of ratings or reputation, are the most recent. in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the television market, such success is not surprising that wireless repeated celebration, lying in the three armed services.

But the television industry leader, and not nor should it lightly. because of its past has entered the federal ATV, an about-turn and start to the wireless front of behind-the-scene headhunt, prepared to expand, it challenges. Although these old people are no longer young, who have labors of love for a certain period of time, but they work in the wireless very long time, Scoring in experience, but a lot of training is still active in the work of the famous people (or wireless work pragmatists), So, if they give orders, and raised more favorable conditions for wireless, television circles place great change is not possible.

Television is not real plant resources, equipment, which was tangible assets, the most valuable talent, especially with the accumulated experience of the personnel is to ensure that the wireless program quality factor of stability. The most obvious is that of a friend who mentioned several times, the same voice-over or cartoon series, two free TV processing on the result vary greatly, might affect equipment, But the real reason is that the dubbing and the monitoring of controller.

As time Shaw has become the "Hollywood of the Orient", which produce the well-known classic movie, be able to withstand the test of time, it continued the audience favorite, is onstage behind-the-scenes film makers effort. Apart from the Shaw Brothers and the production of films and cultivated many of which are still active in the front of the stage and behind-the-scenes movie talent. This reason, Shaw in power who should know, Wireless former management and now enters the ATV wireless old one should have deep experience. especially experienced with several ATV "war", but they are more impressive, However, today's new wireless management whether it is this awareness? In the introduction of a corporate management system, implementing a strategy of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure at the same time, how to choose a senior staff so as not to affect the company's business development and lead to the workers fault, to the test of modern management. In this regard, two free television stations are committed great mistakes (especially wireless), affect staff morale and the company's culture, as a result of the intangible losses, in fact, than the loss of money and more serious.

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