Sunday, June 10, 2007

Keqin hospitalized with gallstone surgery that the luck

Photo : Keqin had just done surgery soon, it is playing no downsizing Choi

By the United Nations Children's Fund and the Asian card to organizing the fund-raising events, "Loveday beloved Day Concert" in the night for video, and tonight at ten o'clock at Jade broadcast, the performance includes singers Miriam Yeung, Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, Side Tian Wang Wan's, and Wu Wei Shi Yu Fei, etc..

Avoid vocal grateful

Hacken Lee recently by the Health stones to be hospitalized for several days, the night before he remained energetic color, He said the disease is the beginning of thought that eating the wrong things abdominal pain or crack. get up until the next day after felt that there was something wrong before you go see a doctor, the results found to have gall stones, and immediately admitted to hospital for an operation. He said : "The doctor says that I am very fortunate, because all those stones so small as a sesame seed only feel pain. If so big grain-minutes to die nor do! "Keqin also praised the hospital nurses a good man, as he should be recording next week, This time he needs general anesthesia and up a hose into the body inside, nurses specially avoid his vocal cords, so as not to affect his singing. And, Keqin most memorable in the operating room when a naked surrounded by the nurses, he is always artists it is a good embarrassment.

1000 Hua playing improvisation on the 2nd British firms

As before 1000 Hua went to Britain to visit a friend on the 2nd, this is her most outbound epilepsy Dukes return most of the cases, she said : "That old friend abruptly told me to go to the United Kingdom for him, because it did not meet a long time, which they have not the time to leave immediately. it is purely an impulse into action. "But because the plane could not sleep, so to a recent case, she slept for a whole day, the results of two-day stay, She only rarely visited at the time. Taiwan singer Linxiaopei drive drunk crushed nurses, 1,000 Hua shocked that she also recognized each other, it does not want to comment in depth, But recognition of unlicensed and drunk drive causing death is indeed a problem.

In addition, the 1000 Hua yesterday to a "secret angel Ambassador" status to attend the peace bell activities, and on-the-spot performances laced with children. For its starring in the film "whenever changes occur in the" summer exhibition 1000 Hua without fear to clash over films from the West, including a new set of "Harry Potter", because summer so long, audiences would not look at a game. 1000 Hua start next week for the new album publicity, and the new album except Singapore producers, and Mark and Mrs. Fun City, asked her to worry about alleged copied song? She expressed fear, and that travel only a few musical notes, not the so-called Who copied whom, as long as the talent will be singing.

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