Friday, June 15, 2007

Huang Xiaoming accused of putting apology

Photo : Department of Neurology, accused of putting apologize to the media

Jue, the night of the Orient TV video program, he approached the media interview see, turn around and go, giving the impression that the star. Yesterday, he accepted the Metro visit was Nancy Sit sent an Oriole he symbolized his songs such as "Valley Oriole out." When it was suggested that the night before, he may clarify when even rainy, and the scene is a bit confusing, do not know visit if it is misunderstood star, he said it was in everyone Sorry.

Boxin benefits should adopt the same lovely children

Jue, on the night of performances by the new generation of "Wen-Qiang Xu," and the classic "Mr Cheng Cheng" Ya-Zhi Zhao choir together. Xiaoming said frankly feel good, and did not expect to have the opportunity to address the stage with the Ya-Zhi Zhao, said with a smile when they were up a one umbrella. He Chen was quite scenes. But his biggest surprise is Ya-Zhi Zhao was young when he saw her in "beach" looks like not much changes. And fans also send gifts, his passion was very moved.

Xiaoming Boju earlier in the Mainland, Taiwan offering Bai Xin Hui Hou specially go, and he explained to her only friend, She should go Mainland magazine invited to take pictures, he will explore the way that he does not want his friends hurt hearsay. He also joked : "If I go on dates, we will tell you. "He came to Hong Kong about whether children should be adopted to eat? He candidly stated which keep her both busy and, if time will be about her over a meal. But daily tracking by paparazzi, so he took to the streets not convenient. He said they are sincere personality and lovely girl, sentiment will depend on fate.

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