Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chenpeijia with Liziboju as lecture

Photo : Chenpeijia (right), and Beianqi Gu Jie Lin attended the opening cosmetics shop

Gu Jie Lin and Qi Chenpeijia yesterday for a brand cosmetics brand in Sha Tin New Town Plaza at the shop ribbon-guests for the opening. Beianqi served as modeling, impromptu demonstration of new costumes, and Xiaotong Xiewenya and newcomers such as greeting guests have also visited. Gu Jie Lin attended the meeting, not during her time to sit down and rest, good performance hard. Later, she said at the ribbon-in a moment of a black eyes, good frightened they will fainted; However, as long ago promised to attend, So should happen.

Chenpeijia said the ribbon-three this month, she hopes to do a happy thing. So she took to the recent shooting wireless new productions of "chairman", but because of my brother Li Li Zi infant car accident in hospital Lizi must suspension, she also postponed the Budget shooting. She called later to see Lizi, what will greetings. Before Chenpeijia have made a few plays, and see Lizi Caishaofen shoot a quarrel play, Lizi quickly shouted out, they like a lesson. She plays with more Chenhao played, nine years ago she Fortunately we have a model for understanding, not because of their performance experience. there have been so many Chenhao guidance. She went on to say that the eyes Chenhao really good charming, it is not surprising that he and so many female artistes-sex scandal, and that their beauty was.

Kiss and make plays all drowned no problem

Asked her boyfriend ask how to act? She said her boyfriend has taught her, and had disclosed the original film Yao Wei kissing game. Chenpeijia feel it is very difficult to shoot kissing game, also taught her boyfriend, and - as if shooting, of course, no problem, if not, go to input role. However, she Chenhao Though this with my lovers, but there is no kissing game.

In addition, the son Xiaotong has been five months, and she is not yet thought of cultivation, because they hope could be five years with three. Beianqi and just back from Cannes, tan a lot. She disclosed this trip awareness of a number of major directors, including Wong Kar-Wai; And she also learned recent efforts and lifting Granville also hope that the girls can do.

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