Friday, June 29, 2007

Keqin million people Ta Kwu reunion concert

Photo : Keqin with 10,000 people singing together Ta Kwu

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the reunification of the big day, six nights this week will be held at the Gongguan Dragons "encouraged by the 10,000 youth concert" a public performances singers including Hacken Lee, Eason Chan, Twins, Leo Ku, Jing-Xuan Zhang and Cao lattice. LOGO yesterday to Gongguan for rehearsals. Evening concert, Keqin will join 10,000 people in Ta Kwu performances, and will sing the "red" and "Descendants of the Dragon," said Keqin, This is his history with the most people performing at one time, the show has also applied for inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records. He also needs people with 10,000 spectators rehearsals drums, and feeling very shocked.

Malaysian Keqin just returned, he said the main purpose of this trip at the end of July concert at the cloud top news conference. Keqin asked why this time also often leave? He said : "baa not made the essential expenditures to earn a living. "Malaysian mentioned at the signature, he can not help but threatened to a level Khan, Keqin said :" Signed during the a delivery End fans to the album I signed, suddenly fainted Fan Bai eyes, and immediately was helping each other backstage rest, good luck no matter suddenly, he was scared to death. "Keqin recall 10 years ago, a similar incident occurred, when he was in Ipoh for activities, as local hot weather. Fans such as too weak resistance collapsed Keqin smilingly said he still thinks so much charm!

It is reported to have many singers paper Gongguan the hope of getting the Gongguan renovation before the final slots open show, Keqin is one of them. He admitted to the Hong Guan has successfully made the Lunar New Year holiday period, the manager told him 410077 winning nine opponents, only gain, which he is defeated nine singers? Keqin I laughingly said they did not know.

Eason happy to perform regression show

Eason Chan (Eason) will be performing singing, dancing dragon dancing, Eason can do very happy return show, think it is very meaningful. 10 years after reunification, asked Eason prefers the governance of the SAR? Still prefer the British Hong Kong government? He candidly stated that he is Chinese, before the reunification, he went to study in the United Kingdom, lived in the United Kingdom for some time. by the great influence of local culture, as studied in Britain, it would not study Chinese history, so he missed a lot. Instead, the entry, China will gradually to understand history. The 10th anniversary of the handover, Eason think this decade, more attention to his country's history and geography. deepen understanding of China. Eason think our ties between the Mainland and more, it seems people will go to mainland China to marry. there are people from the Mainland to Hong Kong marriage, no different from each other again.

Eason will participate in two events, so little time for the return Cup, he said with a smile, if Neither could his own field, sub-minute drag down the team. As a result of the competition held at the stadium, have never been to the stadium for the game Eason and self-hated who attended.

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