Friday, June 29, 2007

Lin Hai-feng to Leo Ku big heads

Photo : Lin Hai-feng (left) Jizai design cuckolding image

"Leo Ku The Magic Moments Concerts" will be held on September 7, and the magic of the theme, and concert posters for the forest was green background, Lin Hai-feng and Wen says China for Art Direction.

The green theme for Jizai more to a green clothing coupled with the green background of the woods, and there seems to be something different about people said, worrying whether viewers know who opened the concert. In response, Lin Hai-feng smiled : "Jizi swine bile nose Easy-good meat, one on Knows! "Jizi manager Paco also screamed cool and decided to use this version. But record companies Jizai colleagues laugh at the "heads", that is Jizai smiled : "cuckolding-never-wearing, the most important addition to faster! "During the shooting, Jizi original backing to a white vest, coat checker grid mantle, but Lin Hai-feng have lowered his vest, Jizai results to the true vacuum, the Internet-shirt cloak shooting.

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