Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A four Super Lam wife complain every evening

George Lam publicity Xinshe, is a young singer public support, and the scene was lively

George Lam (Lam A) Guangdong latest album "George earth" was formally launched Xinshe conference held yesterday, promote their Xinshe, and wished him and the film up to the concert will be a success. And a group of "King" singers, including Wilson, Tungaokang, Sunboyz. Li Yi Long and Chiu Wen also attended supported Lam.

A Lam has been four or five years were not put Guangdong album. He said that this album is a creation of records, which all the songs are written by him, in fact, as early as six months ago, He has done this Xinshe, the delay in the introduction, is to coordinate with tomorrow's concert. A concert Lam said with a smile during the Gongguan outside can buy his Xinshe.

Please join in the foreign band

A Lam sister in concert have slip into Taiwan, resulting in ear hearing loss. He asked this concert at the design stage whether authorities, A Lam said, was the concert stage no special organs, invited a team as a goal Grammy Award foreign band play, in order to allow viewers to appreciate the band concentrate on the performance, Hence, it will not be the end of the band into Taiwan. A Lam revealed four concerts, and every night his wife Shali will complain in the console, audio and lighting for the work. A Lam said his singing on the stage, it is difficult to hear the sound of the crowd. Xinhua smile Shali and whether his ears? A Lam admits Shali made Aberdeen his ears and eyes. Shali ask whether power? A Lam said no, that would only be associated with the choir and other singers will sing with the singing.

Shali who is nine-assessment

Shali Yunding earlier in the stage, took her by the media arm pair of unicorns, A Lam asked not think Shali gained weight? A Shalide Lam felt when the good flavor. He smiled and said, the latter half of Shali do not see, but her upper body never, as she also necks waist long enough. A Lam had pointed Shali said, fear-induced tease his wife? He said they are even Shali said, and she is really lumbar Vatidae long Said this time, A Lam could not help laughing loudly. Shali asked him to give the identity of the number of sub-type? He said nearly 90 points.

Meanwhile, he and Shali present at a public occasion, dressed up in Shali perspective, it seems very sexy. A Lam asked at that time or not to see? He said that he can not see anything, I do not know what she and he feel that the camera is too strong, is not the high-low impact on the speculation. Shali asked not unhappy? He said that with no other mention this matter.

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