Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ya-Zhi Zhao jeans chips charity auction

Ya-Zhi Zhao good forerunner

"PolyU enthusiastic rally charitable Night" on the 13th of this month at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The event is for the university to raise funds for development. At a press conference yesterday, Ya-Zhi Zhao, Li Yun Wang Guoliang and singers attended. The evening session will be the auction yesterday, the first meeting for first preview Ya-Zhi Zhao yesterday wore printed with its portrait and the "Chicago" the limited edition jeans, pants this is the night of the auction. sold 2,500 yuan.

Ya-Zhi Zhao said that of jeans, she is a friend of the designer designed. Asked her husband to design a portrait Huangjinshen jeans? She Xiaowei or wait for the next one. However, she feels that jeans for young and mature people wearing. And that night she would sing "The Legend" and "on the beach" two songs. In addition, members of Cream Li Yun will perform in the evening, then dress will meet their own age.

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