Friday, June 15, 2007

Two F C Yen Wei walk contradict

Photo : F C Yen-wei with wireless ATV has good relations

To celebrate and oil-wasted medicines 80th anniversary of the founding Limited, a restaurant at night celebrations will be held, and invited a group of friends to attend the circle. Including Spring, Lu Hui, Mr Bao, Li Oda, Paul TSE : White Yunqin, Yan Ting Chen Jian Feng, Ms Ann. Fei Ma and Zhanghuarun other.

Not movie stars

An earlier report of F C Yen-wei and ATV for advertising contracts and the occasion and is taken not, this F C Yen-wei clarified that the rumor is false. He said the text refers to forgo the ATV's advertisements, he stressed have not said so, for fictitious reports, he was very angry. He admitted his singing and entertaining and the performances really signed to the wireless, it is not totally in other television appearances, he has always ask ourselves is a businessman and not a star. no reason to do commercial activities were banned.

Ann assured

I Ann said that the woman recently returned to Hong Kong from Canada summer, and certain English fashion magazines do summer jobs. and refers to his daughter has brought home a boyfriend see parents, she feels the other side is a good Boys can care for her daughter in Canada, She felt at ease. Ann said with a smile in her daughter is still single, but for her anxious, her regular reminders fast looking for a partner.

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