Friday, June 15, 2007

Jackie Chan Jet Li Hengdian discussions Wushu

Photo : Jackie Chan and Jet Li film did not forget to promote cooperation charitable cause

An intern reporter Chiang Ting-Shanghai, 14 -- Jackie Chan, starring Jet Li's "Kung Fu King" in Zhejiang Hengdian today held its first news conference, all starring appearance in public. "Kung Fu King" the mystery was finally opened. In addition to peace Yuan creating other officers went to the location to Qinwanggong films, the first of its kind from the face of the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas by nearly 100 media.

Chan said that with Jet Li martial arts in the shooting scenes, forcing the great rhythm, I feel very happy. In fact, the first two Big Brother way they not only for the world audience expectations, even if field staff are amazing, As long as there are two big brother while the Budget, the scene is always a lot of people gathered eyes. Chan also said that this and Jet Li is the first time their hopes for a number of years things in the hope that their pre-retirement with more artists.

2 stars Qi love

Tension in the shooting while Jet Li still remembered charitable cause concern. As the Red Cross Society of China Ambassador fraternity, he launched the 0111 Fund and Jackie Chan with the full support of her brother. Briefing, Jet Li Chan invited as honorary chairman of the Foundation, and Jackie Chan gladly accepted. 0111 Fund to help the souls of the psychological problems of adolescents, as well as natural disasters in the physical and psychological trauma as possible by providing humanitarian relief for the purpose of the establishment. Jet Li hope that the entertainment industry can begin to spread the spirit of this care and concern to the whole world needs help.

Bing-Bing Li Yifei Union

By Keith Pinn. Xiao Fan as producers, Robert. Markov directed that the "Kung Fu King" is Jackie Chan, Kung Fu star Jet Li's two first cooperation, and invited the Yifei, LI Bing two popular Beijing Opera performances, a more-class international team took part in the production of accession, is a comedy with the traditions in the theaters. It is through the perspective of Western culture to view China's ancient legends of cultural collisions, is embodied in the East-West culture another. Western movie-goers will provide a look at the ancient culture of China's latest vision, China will also film the audience to follow the Western colleagues to see the film in the East classical literature.

According to the documentary photography guide Peter Pau; disclosed that the Troupe use of the current top of the world, the most unequivocal cameras, Asia is also the first use of these top equipment. Since use, the overall feeling is very satisfactory, I see the majority of fans will give a different visual experience.

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