Friday, June 15, 2007

Miss Gigi Leung rain concert careful

Photo : Miss Gigi Leung attended the concert for the fans Signed

Leo Ku, Miss Gigi Leung (Jay), the Crickets, Mr Lui Fong, Huang Xiaoming, Fei, Ya-Zhi Zhao, Qin Hailu plays, and other cultural evening in the central square of the Oriental TV Video "stars Yao walked into the East Building Building Hong Kong" will be staged performances. Video not for days when the United States, under the downpour, video repeatedly been interrupted. Among Miss Gigi Leung Jixiqun costume wearing a white high heels Zheng, really perform, but do mounted after wet feet.

OK decade into his feelings

Jay said with a smile like the legs in water inside the Baptist, dirty white shoes private partnership. Beijing early this year for Chinese New Year, celebrating theater, which once and Municipal reversing the platform. This may worry that history will repeat itself? She said only the last accident, she was stepped on the dancers clothes fell due to plastic beads; This scene underground water is good and Municipal. She is not too drastic, careful. In fact, the introduction of the scene before worrying too much wind, exposing skirts spring, despite grounding is still worried about the possibility of accidents. She quipped that only when Marilyn Monroe Fushi assumed to cover up ugly.

Moreover, the recent return viewed the film "Woman character" publicity, as she is this year the 10th anniversary of the entry, She has performed it for this film particularly impressed. In response to reports that Jay received his "female" films, the aim is to follow the example of Aaron Kwok with "parent and child" a taste of Film taste She says frankly have not read, "his son." But her star for the film is not Luo Award, she received his first movie for the director Chun Chun confidence, but was followed by the awards. This morning she will fly to Beijing for the Olympic program "Green Olympics" theme song, "Make progress every day" video. She feels that China will host the Olympic Games, China is light.

Crickets Hit dances change ours

Crickets and perform on the stage to sing the song Five hundred young local instrumentalists, and ultimately become ours. Crickets said the arena was a bit slippery, but it does not affect their performance. As Mr Lui Fong later with the cast attended CCTV return show, Even without being laughed at or reward Mr Lui Fong has no respect, the most important thing is the Celebration.

Leo Ku were asked friends Hui-Min Zhou and Ni Zhen breaking up rumors, said Jizai not read the reports, They no telephone, so innocent, and I only know that she often go to work earlier and would like to leave. He asked to know Ni Lan counterparts, he said : "I do not know, I believe she leave nothing to do with relaxation, individuals do not believe that the situation changed rumor, They both have very good feelings. "

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