Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Zhangwenci Artists delighted to see ATV reform

Artists and Zhangwenci confident afraid of competition

"ATV" yesterday "the 10th anniversary of the handover ceremony to launch news," Ken Chan, Zhangwenci. Jia Ying and 06 top mirror Miss Pacific region attended.

Zhangwenci now with the "ATV" is a signed contract signers, before referring to "ATV" will bring in fresh and new reforms She says frankly do not yet know. She asked if future headhunt successful, growing competition, she may be worried? She says : "I come out stronger more powerful new colleagues in the Department of Coaxial good people. (With you vying for a Aunts, 2003? ) Well, I very much like to join? Coaxial news, progress comes with competition. "She will re" ATV "so the manager? She said he has no manager, think freedom are particularly high. As to whether it will re on the count later.

Recently she was still closed, and sometimes returned to the Mainland Mata earn extra money. She would also like more idle recently, go to the management courses. Asked her if she would like to do business? Tze-wen said later count, she feels the course to her to do anything useful.

"ATV" will be broadcast on "100 years decryption program" Artists then presided over the "first-hand truth" broadcast months will be suspended, this time as a further reorganization. Turning to the new boss, Ken Chan said that before heard on the 19th of this month will announce the transfer of ownership, But recently heard that will be postponed until early July, he has looked forward to this day. He will not feel that one more big competition? He said : "You really estimated on the people who are willing to give money to baa? Coaxial people will watch will Coaxial, a drama Gancheren, will hardly please drying Gancheren to shoot, but no matter, there will come are all good. "He had said a long time ago with Mr. Ho-Jun wage his hope that the future" ATV "will be the new reform.

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