Sunday, June 10, 2007

Kary see side Tian Shi pair of scissors feet embrace it

Map : a field adjacent to the playing field, he immediately Kary embrace it

Wu Yu-fei (Kary) new album, "In Control" was recently published officially, the same day in Times Square, Causeway Bay Xinshe conference, coinciding with yesterday was 21-year-old birthday Kary, Therefore, I wish for her birthday. Apart from the high Cork boss (Paco), Leo Ku was the mysterious guest appearances However Kary Jizai power to see flowers, and to see the side not appear so excited Tian, Kary see a side field power, Happy has let go of each other in the raid, when Kary received birthday cake, almost moved to tears.

Notice the end of Gongguan opened 2,300

Kary specially designed black and white two of the limited edition T-shirt, with Xin She gave the fans. Conference, and employers and workers are all put on this new type of T-shirts, and Kary no exception. But she will be T-shirts, cut into Luyao equipment, entertainment dances performed under top sexy flavor. Kary male dancers in the troupe of supporting dancers, singing songs relies heavily on the "Control", Subsequently Masters publicity side Tian came to power with her chorus, Kary surprise to see a side field, was so excited that he let go of each other's raid, Hsu has been placed Kary enthusiasm. Aberdeen turn Jiabinji mysterious power, Kary performance is much more calm, Jizi funny smile Kary, Why not pair of scissors greeted his feet. After Kary happy that so many people can not think of their own tin, private companies donated to her headset, She will treasure, Paco said she will hold 2,300. Kary candor end of the Gongguan held his first concert.

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