Wednesday, June 06, 2007

KBS broadcast footage Jinyuban sneaked away to pay Boom

South Korea hsiaosheng Shen Chun Hyun earlier with the new shooting stars Jinyuban MV singer Zia, in the event of accidents.

Lu made the end of the MV accident

Jinyuban peak when Shen Chun Hyun allegedly as a result of careless debris kicked almost fell, Lucky Shen Chun Hyun takes her time. Order Jinyuban not subject to physical sufferings. However, Shen Chun Hyun cling Jinyuban, she is not careful exposed underwear, so she is embarrassed.

South Korea's KBS television, "performing live" program, broadcast this month on the 2nd related footage thus inviting viewers and Internet users strongly criticized for its lack of professional ethics.

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