Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Learn from Taiwan F4 first flattering on horseback

riding on horseback from Taiwan F4 ambitious

Recently in Beijing from Taiwan F4 shooting kwong directed the film "Three Kingdoms", this is the duo following the "A - Hu juvenile" "fiercest" after the third round of cooperation. In a year and a half ago, preparation, contact Li Yan from Taiwan F4 on the shooting schedule, and from Taiwan F4 is also looking forward to making the costume drama. Unfortunately, the delay could not finalized. However, Li Yan a "Come on, I believe you will be Jackie Chan, Jet Li's successors." From Taiwan F4 mind. efforts to fight for the company, even if the actor was to be temporary, but also making this movie. Ultimately directed special arrangements from Taiwan F4 occasionally plays the son of Guan Gong-related roles, Andy Lau and Sammo Hung plays a rival.

Said first film from Taiwan F4 costume drama, really very happy, but really good hard, just helmets, armor, philosophy, boots and weapons. will be 15 kilograms, but also take the time to make-up. However, the most uncomfortable to wear or equipment in the high temperature 38 degrees shooting, with hundreds of horses and a huge array of extras difficult to control, a simple game will spend two or three days to complete.

From Taiwan F4 first to see such scenes production, the feeling seems to really fight on the battlefield, inspiring feeling better. He feels too satisfied, I hope that this can show the picture again. And from Taiwan F4 shoot the film before, and has spent nearly half of the time for equestrian and martial arts training, he feels fresh and fun to play, He only had three days of school, can control the horse Benz. Xiao Wei from Taiwan F4 is a horse or own, the horse right he is good. He listened to staff, studying horse flattering Prior to the Institute, he said with the horse whispered, Zambian horse more than his photographs, he did not expect this move really useful.

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