Thursday, July 19, 2007

1000 Hua Edmond rehearsals suspected incidents reproducibility Director Chu

Photo : Edmond (left), hiding behind the 1000 Hua, suspected incidents reproducibility Chu Pui-hing

Miriam Yeung night in conjunction with Edmond Leung (Edmond), and ZHENG Rong Shi Wei, "2007 roaming Daqian music world situation martyr" Music Stage Plays rehearsals, Public singers will sing some classic song for collective memories, During 1000 and Hua Fei Edmond boys to perform female form, when searching for the two men, Edmond suddenly see? and the end of 1000 Hua hiding behind the action, it may Chu Pui-hing, in a repeat of the earlier incident as a romance, very entertaining. After 1000, and Hua Edmond unanimously denied repeated Chu Pui-hing, they only performed musicals, Renowned dance movements are teachers, we do not want misunderstanding.

And teachers deliberately non-reproducibility

Music plays, and 1000 Hua Edmond played lovers, as two previous Chuan scandal, Otto laughed at the two back situation. Hua subsequently asked whether the 1000 Edmond back with the situation? She said that he could not remember, said with a smile if we can help musical box office, then she would certainly agree. Edmond accused? Behind her performance moves like a repeat of incidents like Mr Chu romance? 1000 Hua denied that this simply is not like, they fly in my bad woman, she wants to nab Edmond. After 1000 these words, I can not help but guffaw Hua, and said with a smile avoid misunderstanding, it appears the future of the enterprise should not litter behind others.

Mr Chu accused of repeated incidents of Edmond, immediately denied not, candor did not think these things They only play a row, we think with things unrelated to that dance is the choreography and teachers. Edmond Chu Pui-hing has read the photos? He said he has seen, but I do not expect it to be reminiscent of the other side of miles! Otto revealed he played with the 1000 Hua lovers can regain their situation was, Edmond indifferent, are old stories!

The absence of gas drilling jump REQUEST

Long time no dance Edmond see him dance rehearsals, kept REQUEST gas, as appears very tough, Edmond admits this dance is very difficult to jump, which they interpret Jacky Cheung "Ehangchuanshui" Edmond had to admire each other. Earlier reports currently in the Mainland "Ehangchuanshui" and accused the platform suddenly lost control, Edmond said have not read this report, he just knew it would be very difficult to deal with this song of the concert. Turning La Liga teams Barcelona and will meet with fans, always love football Edmond. Trustee candor also buy 10 tickets for admission hope we can watch the exciting match.

In addition, the petite body type ZHENG Rong, the music plays by the arrangement of the two highest male singers perform, They are Otto and should prosper you, ZHENG Rong worried that their high man with two stand together, she will appear more petite. She then asked whether the high wear high heels performing? I pass hardships she said : "I do not know! "

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