Thursday, July 19, 2007

Both the wedding Zhuoshang Jolin Tsai to find Prince

Protean and Taiwan director Wu Nien-chen yesterday Qi "Taiwan Tourism Ambassador" status, to be held in Hong Kong to attend the press conference. "G milk" Jolin Tsai yesterday Both the Special wearing wedding present, to promote Taiwan's wedding shots, its impressive body fully exposed. She also said the vision of the future like a princess as a wedding held in the castle, but has yet to find a prince.

Sexy promote Taiwan

Jolin Tsai and Wu Nien-chen addition to the young and mature tourist attractions to promote tourism and film commercials. Tablets Protean more Louxiangjian Baptist spa scene. Last year, Ambassador Chang Hui-mei, she take them outside fearing for comparison? She said : "No, we represent the people of Taiwan. "She is the representative of the young owners. She also visited Malaysia, Singapore publicity, Hong Kong is the last stop. She asked the Baptist Spa shooting scenes for themselves whether they want to clear? She said : "Yes! In particular the department vacated shooting scene, where a very noble, very expensive fees. "She also were now less Baptist springs past but also with the students flocked to the Baptist. She asked whether the fear of being photographed? She said that Taiwan Fortunately, paparazzi is not so crazy.

Looking forward to a wedding castle

This is the first time Jolin Tsai to wear such a grand wedding, she is looking forward to the future of the castle wedding, asked whether she imagined as a princess? She laughs and says : "Yes. (Prince?) It is still looking for. "In addition, recent means Jay Chou and Houpeicen compound, she said :" I feel OK, it is the people, nothing to do with me. (Congratulations them?) Council. "

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