Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yue Li Zi Yi-ling confirmed gradually return to work

Photo : Lok Yi-ling (from left) confirmed Lizi is gradually resumed next to Mr Tsang Lai and Liu Zhen Hao

Lizi (Jay) full younger brother Li earlier accident infants hospitalized for serious injuries, have not yet passed the critical stage in order to take care of his younger brother. Jay has been suspended, as a result of new productions of "chairman" to make her jump Budget. UNIFIL reported yesterday infant has regained consciousness, Jay will return to work in days, sought to confirm this with wireless production resources vice director Le Yi-ling, said she viewed a gradual return to work. and the resumption of work is the first one in Shenzhen on July 26 to attend a presentation ceremony, As to when we should return to work depends on the circumstances.

Li asked whether the infant had been awake? Miss Yue said : "I think he will be better soon wake, as he heard the voice response, the doctors also said it was aware of the process. In short the situation has been improved, although he has been shifted to a private ward, but there are many operations to be done. "As for whether Jay resumption days? Miss Yue said she is on the gradual resumption of work is not fully return to work, she said : "Jay will be held on July 26 to Shenzhen to attend a presentation ceremony, because many of the TVB drama festivals. Jay also took to run, it can be said that her return to work after a work, in fact, her emotions and feelings have a lot of stability. She also would like to start, but when fully operational, will depend on the Shenzhen after speaking tour. "

Budget make appropriate adjustments

Miss Yue also said that prior to Li infants less than dangerous period, which may lead to the Grand Signed surgery, doctors and nurses at any time to discuss with her, so she could not walk away. As pointed by Li Ying do brain surgery which led to the blind, Miss Yue said this do not know, Gigi was also asked whether the deletion of the "Pearl" to clarify the drama? Miss Yue said they did not take part, so I do not know, but I think it appropriate to make adjustments, they can jump shoot for so long. She went on to say that the performance of staff and actors are very concerned about Jay, and Mengjiahui Caishaofen more paternity Grand eat, I hope that she can count little, but perhaps his brother again when she will undergo an operation in the tense, always brain surgery.

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