Friday, July 20, 2007

1000 Hua two rubber band defense sneaked away

Photo : Miriam Yeung done where the audience

Miriam Yeung, Bosco Wong (Bosco), the night before appeared to Zhengjiaying "Hit songs," 1000 Hua perform while the audience more impromptu first aid and gestures, but she was wearing a long skirt Both the vest, which side of the model to pay attention to their own side has sneaked away, make yourself at heart, so do the wrong hands.

1000 Hua asked why not changing clothes before the demonstration? She said he was too nervous, and given the time constraints, Fortunately, the scene of the St John's Ambulance Brigade, is really very grateful to them. 1000 Hua defense has always been good at grounding sneaked away, the evening wear in addition to the tube backing, but also with two rubber band vest fixed location, just in case. Andy Lau talked about the new song lyrics which referred to 1,000 suspected Hua's name, she said she heard that there was a possibility their name pronunciation easy, so many Chenciren used.

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