Friday, July 20, 2007

Shanghai Cooperation filming ads considerate Alice Jay Chou

Photo : Jay Chou and Alice interpretation of winter clothes (this perturbation)

[Liu Wenjie Shanghai on the 19th -- Recently, the United States Corrientes. Meades subsidiaries of the heavyweight "fashion consultant" Zhou Zhong went to Shanghai for the autumn commercials and graphic content of the shooting.

They never forget the past of his mother, but this time, fully demonstrating the boundless enthusiasm outward side, side and a female companion, a word get emotional, thoughtful manner to allow the staff to help her with things, while he and she has been "Call", in front of the camera modeling assumed all kinds of lovely, not also specifically send their signatures CD, No wonder some of the staff joked that Jelen this summer, wearing thick winter clothes, the heart is particularly hot, is indeed a warm season.

Meades this advertisement films "I, your fashion consultant" as the theme, The advertisement contains Zhoudong played a girl "fashion advisors" moved her from an ordinary person would hardly be the office bully young girl Culture has become a fashion personality 10,000 species of lady's office, and running mate Jay Chou, It is their new movie "can not say? secret, "the woman on the 2nd Alice. In a movie can not and Jelen got married the Alice in commercials and does enjoy his agency services. In the field, Jelen every possible way to Alice thoughtful, and also allow the staff exclaimed : The boys really grown up. Opening remarks, Alice cling to a heavy paper, as long as a director shouted cut, Jelen will allow staff to help Alice Canal documents. See films, it has also always considerate to give up beside the best director seats. Alice said with the cooperation Jelen is full of praise for her : "This is my second and Alice cooperation. feel that she really shows is pretty good. Films, she has to wear uniforms, advertising films still She never fashionable to fashion, have demonstrated very well and hope that we can look forward to this. "

For the autumn and winter 2007 fashion, Zhou Zhong prediction : "I think that the more rock style of England will pop it, is not the kind of heavy metal rock, is a low-profile fashion, more introverted, there will be 1:00 to wear nasty feeling, But it also has its own temperament on the inside, this feeling should become a popular autumn and winter 2007 targets. "

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