Friday, July 20, 2007

Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan embarrassing confession Zhengjiaying

Photo : Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan (right) Zhengjiaying scandal put on the table so that he is embarrassed

"Wireless" general manager of TVB in this session of the Book Fair launched "Zhiyun dinner" DVD and a book. Zhengjiaying yesterday he has invited guests to do with his book went to the scene concoct, the duo also avid about the signature photographs. attract a large number of avid spectators. During the transfiguration of TVB reporters repeatedly mentioned Jiaying and Medina (Niki) scandal, Jiaying extremely embarrassed. but dared not black-faced, very tedious.

Jiaying want to be asked about the writer? He admitted no ink, which was heard that Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan said : "Forget must speak! Tell you, I can help you write, write your love experience. "Jiaying expressed their love good experience nausea, no one will see! Currently thoughts are on the crew, I hope that the first to do a good job. Niki also mentioned book, he said that does not buy, or buy a copy will be addressed later after fans, At this point Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan sudden transfiguration reporters, Jia Ying asked : "is not a book read to you before? "Jia Ying said no embarrassment! Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan asked Jiaying may have heard of Niki new song, "Firefly"? Jiaying ask them whether what the first chorus? Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan that smiled : "Do not play do not know! "Also said he had seen Jiaying and Niki will soon launch a new productions of" the most beautiful the seventh day, " They feel good brilliant performances, is the interpretation of true emotion, and what they have to be perfect screen lover, is simply the envy of others.

Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan after the reporter asked whether the two-starred arrangements? He said : "The best platform to the audience, is actually done behind the scenes. "Because there has never Daqiang Jiaying, put it that TVB 1588-0082 Jiaying escaped asked :" Do you tease you? "Jiaying helplessness :" do not know how to answer, good embarrassment, not to refute the boss before. "Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan said that if there is justification and the truth can be refuted, he asked whether speechless, speechless? Jiaying sidewalk : "I speak good bad, we (Niki) is a good partners! "TVB continued in a confession :" You have the "Zhiyun dinner," she said with feeling right now is not feeling better? "But Jiaying no answer.

Later they discovered two staff photographs, Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan also said : "The four? I thought Niki coming! "Then they distributed to the scene avid Signed photographs, Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan asked :" Are there Jiaying with Niki sent the picture? "Jiaying they had no choice but to smile. Finally, the Assembly sent flowers to thank them, Mr Stephen Chan Chi-wan Jiaying asked : "Will the beam gave Niki spent? "Jiaying that turn away small channel :" I have to dedicate ourselves to send! "

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