Sunday, July 15, 2007

Aaron said Xiaofeng generation genetic talent show

Photo : Aaron said Xiaofeng in a good environment to grow up

Star team yesterday was invited to participate in "1.40 charity tournament," activities for the purpose of raising Lutheran funding for young people not to disseminate the message of drug abuse. And who charged match included Alan Tam (Aaron), Mr Nat Chan (A smarter), and Hung-ming Fanzhenfeng. But Aaron rehearsals last night due to the "Caritas 10000 Warm Heart" and late, A smarter more teasing he is not a good wave. thanks to the reputation of the market Neither could be charged, Aaron is extending himself as a "spiritual leader", otherwise he will not wait for the competition to start.

Drug abuse among young people is getting worse and there are signs of rejuvenation, Aaron has smiled : "I also drug abusers, because often eat preservatives, (Will reminded his son not to abuse drugs?) My son ate things, of course, good health, but young people should not abuse of drugs! "Yesterday there shocking news, a three-year-old elementary school student only has a few degrees in school toilets molestation of a female classmate, with chopsticks, Chap their pencils and other lower body, Aaron heard screaming good terror and bad that the young people read the media into the brain. immorality did not know right or wrong, this is very dangerous.

25-year-old quit watching pornographic VCDs

Tan Xiaofeng son and 12-year-old has entered adolescence, Aaron will have to instil the correct sex knowledge? Aaron said : "Every parent should do the same. (He may have some embarrassment to you or difficult to answer the question?) This is a private matter, the school should be education, As parents we have mentioned, will be communication. (Will you lead, for example, no longer watching pornographic discs?) Ha! I have had 25-year-old quit, it can be 10 minutes with two hours to see no difference between inside moves, the screen all the same. (Whether it will prohibit the son watching pornographic discs?) His age, do not have to worry about him because he's on health, The positive influence of the environment to grow up, he would not like these, he likes to play the piano, draw and Take five-year-old sketch in all competitions and displays, and they just do not know. (He has an artistic cells but it is not like you, 2003?) Grandparents genetic! (But Computation is a good dynamic person, 2003?) This is not only the genetic generations! "In addition, Aaron attended the night before her husband, regardless of the Rafah retirement party. Hacken Lee and together with the solution of tea and exquisite 25 years of good quality stocks to each other After his retirement leisure to be tea.

As for the A smart remind young people should take more exercise, and to develop life goals, not indulging in illusory world. He said : "The UN Jazz (Shaw) is still such a good health, know the method and Shouren is the most healthy one. Instead, the body fat easy to make mistakes, Aaron is a bad example and should not be convex on where to protrude. "

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